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Nikki Lissoni

Choose the length, the type and the colour of your necklace or bracelet: silver, yellow gold, or rose gold. Nikki Lissoni has it all in her collection! 

1. Which pendant would fit your style? A large and shiny gold or rose gold pendant, or would a silver pendant in a smaller size suit you better? It’s your party! Choose the one that meets your style. Please keep in mind that it’s not recommended to wear two pendants or more on one necklace. This can cause damages that we both just don’t want...

2. The collection of coins is very broad. With stones or without, colorful or simple, ... I am sure that there’s the right coin for you too!

The Nikki Lissoni pendant is available in three sizes and each size is available in three different colors: silver, gold and rose gold. Coins can be exchanged very simple... It’s quite easy. Just follow the next steps and you can change your coin over and over again...

1. Clamp the pendant between your fingers. Use the nails of your thumbs to open the pendant. When the pendant is open, you can easily replace the coin for another one.

2. You’ve changed the coin and the only thing left to do is close the pendant. Press the two parts together and when you hear 'click' the pendant will be closed.